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How We Spent the Summer + What We’re Doing this Fall, part I

Here’s a roundup of what some 440 Gallery artists have been working on:

Richard Barnet’s bronze It’s a Wall

∧  Richard Barnet’s been summering in Maine, getting all that good coastline and rocky shore out of his system. Now that he’s back in NYC, he has polished and curated a beautiful collection of his bronze works and will have them on display at the gallery beginning on Thursday, September 7. His show Latitudes is a two-person exhibit along with painter Joy Makon.

©2017 Joy Makon. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Joy Makon’s work-in-progress watercolor from Alsace, France

∧  Joy Makon has spent the summer making and looking at art all over the place—check out her instagram feed. She participated, once again, in Denis Ponsot’s summer art workshop, this year held in the Alsace region of France. Joy also spent a few days in Amsterdam, her first time there, and found it fascinating. Now back to reality in Brooklyn, she’s juggling preparations for her 440 Gallery show Latitudes, opening on Thursday September 7, and spending time in her studio working on paintings inspired from her travels this summer. Look for some of these new works at Gowanus Open Studios in October.

Janet Pedersen’s Alone, Together mixed media on paper

∧  Janet Pedersen was recently spotlighted in Saatchi Arts as a featured artist in a collection. She’s been drawing the figure from life this summer and has created several pieces in graphite and acrylic gouache on paper. Our congratulations go out to Janet for having her painting Alone, Together accepted into the 2017 Will’s Creek Exhibition Sentient Being/Being Sentient, in Cumberland, MD.

Gail Flanery’s Widening

∧  Printmaker Gail Flanery has been very busy making new work at an artist residency in Findhorn, Scotland. She’s been widening her creative sphere and pushing the boundaries of printmaking as only Gail can do. She will be showing in a two-person show, Widening, along with Sarah Brook, at the Lazy Susan Gallery. The show opens on Wednesday, September 13 and runs through Monday, September 18.

Karen Gibbons “Both Sides” collage, paint, chalk on paper

∧  Karen Gibbons is threatening to clean up her messy studio, but in the meantime she has created several exciting pieces, including Both Sides, that will be on exhibit in the Project Space at 440 Gallery beginning Thursday, September 7. She’ll be one of the  participants in the gallery’s Artist Talk on Sunday, September 17 at 4:40pm.

This is messy, Karen?

And…we’re sending lots of hugs to gallery-mate and friend Vicki Behm, just because.

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