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Jay Friedenberg: Digital Impressionist

Recently, Jay Friedenberg was named a finalist in “Structures” for Exhibition Without Walls.  He was interviewed by the online gallery and discussed his process and scientific background at length.  It’s a fascinating read into the psychology of color.  Take a moment to educate yourself about this topic.


EWW: I am curious to know if someone were asked to make a comment about your digital work as a whole, what do you think they would say?

Jay: I think they would say they love the color. People seem to intuitively respond to colorful work and I prefer to utilize intense saturated hues in my images. It turns out there is a science to color with certain color combinations going better together than others. Artists who follow these principles are known as colorists. I experiment somewhat with these combinations myself and tend to be a fan of colorist artists like Louis Griffel.  Read more…

Jay’s second exhibition with 440 Gallery opens June 4th and runs through July 3.  We hope you have the pleasure of seeing his work in person!

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