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Gail Flanery on Creating Change in Her Practice

There is an excitement in my studio.

It started when Karen Gibbons and Tom Bovo and I, from 440 Gallery, were pondering our group show in The Project Space.

IMG_7235Our work and our specific processes differ – but as we talked, we realized we shared a concept. We were all feeling a need to be provoked and to push our individual method and materials.

The shared conversation mused over how an artist, over time, becomes very skilled and confident in handling their materials, and composition. But without that push and exploration, the work can begin to seem thin. It was a concern we shared. We all felt that we needed a bit of discomfort and searching in our work to keep it strong. It was that consideration we agreed would tie our show together.

We began to explore…but we also recognized we shared certain threads that tied our work visually together as well.


We pulled it off. The show was a success.

But our dialogue about this idea has continued.

We decided to embrace the concept of the three of us showing together, focused on exploration. We wanted to push it even more. Right on cue, we found a gallery that we could show at – and we decided to take that opportunity. We also decided to use the form of an installation. We would continue to find and show that connecting thread. The push. New techniques. Apply new structural backbones. We would increase our experiments. We would redefine our composition. Push our methods.FullSizeRender

Our new show is in June. We meet and talk and poke each other. It’s a true, rich collaboration.

I go into my print shop loaded with possibilities. It’s my fortune that the Master Printers I work with, Kathy Carracio and Roni Henning, are so amazing, patient and skilled. They have helped me see directions that I never before explored.


Then it’s back to my studio, with the new prints, to ponder what I have, and how to build on it. Some of it is working – often the very work I had doubts about. Likewise, some of the ideas I thought would expand became very flat. I am totally provoked. This is just what I hoped for. However, I do want to put up exciting work that connects with my mates. I keep thinking about it.

So…I am happy, sometimes frustrated, but more and more interested in my studio. I’m collaging and working on fabric and tearing and gluing and drawing – and on and on its going. Yeah! This is just where I want to be.




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  1. Jo-Ann Acey
    April 18, 2016

    Great article! Looking forward to seeing the new work!

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