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Susan Greenstein-Memoryweave

Susan Greenstein

To commemorate her third exhibition at the 440 Gallery, Susan Greenstein produced a video to demonstrate her creative process.  In the film, we see that her technique is subtractive, it involves inking up a plate and then removing ink to expose the white of the page or the color from an earlier layer. Greenstein also uses Chine Collé in her work, allowing fields of color to breathe through the patterns.

Click on the photo to watch the video:


Greenstein revisits an earlier fascination for pattern. She claims that her earliest memories frequently include strong, vivid patterns of what people wore, wallpaper, textiles. Greenstein recalls that her parents were both collectors of pattern, from around the world, in fabrics, ceramics, metalwork, etc. This seems to have influenced her deeply and offers a rich source of ideas and endless possibilities for these prints. One of the most interesting aspects of focusing in on pattern is its meditative quality. As a pattern stays the same and repeats itself, it changes slightly and steadily revealing the artist’s hand. Sometimes, you can almost feel the artist breathing in and breathing out as the patterns change slightly and reveal it’s human quality.

Susan Greenstein studied painting and drawing at Pratt Institute. For a decade she worked as an illustrator for magazines and children’s books and has been an art teacher for many years. Greenstein greatly enjoys teaching young children, she feels that their enthusiasm helps her to stay focused on what has always been exciting about making art for her. Greenstein enjoys painting on-site around New York. She also loves to drawing wherever she goes. Printmaking has become a new passion for Greenstein.


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