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Shanee Epstein Reflects on Becoming a Full Time Artist

Last June, I left my job as an educator. For over 30 years, I always balanced work, family and my art. On one hand, I had only 2 days a week in the studio; on the other hand I never needed to sell art to survive. Now I am moving to a new stage—with it comes wonders and challenges.

My husband and I had to think creatively because making ends meet in New York is a huge task. We decided to renovate our home so we could operate an AirBnB in our prime Park Slope locale. This also gave me the opportunity to move and update my studio to include better light, which is really important to me.

I hired a wonderful assistant and began the journey of being a full time artist. First, my assistant helped me create a new website: www.shanee-epstein.com.

Next, I decided to make limited edition prints and added that page.

Another absolutely wonderful addition to my life are my niece and nephew, delicious twins. I am in love and decided to combine that adoration with my art, customized collages that incorporate family photos. My task was to create pieces that were still interesting to me artistically, so here I go…


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