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Jay Friedenberg at Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, CT

“The Great American Landscape” at The Flinn Gallery Showcases the Talents of 9 Inspiring Artists–including 440 Gallery’s Jay Friedenberg.

The showing of “The Great American Landscape,” a new selection of 55 superb, and color saturated panoramas opened Thursday, January 17, and continues at the Flinn Gallery on the second floor of the Greenwich Library until January 27.  Read more….



Another article on the exhibition:

Greenwich Library gallery showcases American landscapes

By Silvia Foster-Frau of the Greenwich Time

From thick brushstrokes depicting purple mountain majesties to aerial photographs of rolling crops, the art pieces on the walls of the Flinn Gallery show the United States in all its bounty.

“It’s a celebration of America, how gorgeous and diverse it is,” said Barbara Richards, a member of the Friends of Greenwich Library’s Flinn Gallery Committee.

The gallery opened its new exhibit, “The Great American Landscapes,” on Thursday with 55 pieces by nine artists from across the country. Some 233 guests walked through the gallery’s door on opening night to get a first look at the varying landscapes and the varying mediums through which they were depicted.

“This is art almost everybody loves. It’s traditional, magnificent, peaceful,” said Richards.

Among the artists on display was Jay Friedenberg, a former Greenwich resident who now lives on New York City’s Upper West Side.  Read More….

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