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What happens in a printshop when there’s more than one print maker?

You usually think of visual artists working alone in their studios, coaxing out of their heads and hearts their unique visions of the world, mucking around with their materials to come up with personal marks, the physical manifestations of their abstract visions.  However, it turns out that for some visual artists collaboration is an important part of their practice.

Learn more about pros/cons of collaboration with our member Gail Flanery as she and other panelists discuss their experiences of working with other artists in the printshop:

Possibilities, Process and Synergy in the Print Shop
Wednesday, May 16, at 7PM with Reception $5
Moderator: Kathy Caraccio, Master Printer
Artist Panelists: David Collins, Gail Flanery & Hugh Kepets

Artists interest in extending their work into multiples has led to myriad investigations into printmaking and its endless possibilities for innovation. To create prints, artists form collaborations with print shops and master printers. These partnerships are synergistic skill-shares between artist and technician. This panel will explore the nature of some of these partnerships and the many approaches, concerns, and issues that are part of this process. For more information click here.

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