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Shop talk, answers to your FAQs, and a peek behind the scenes of an artist-run fine art gallery in Park Slope

440 Gallery’s director Amy Williams advises a new generation of artists

While speaking recently to the Arts Department at East Carolina University, Amy Williams got to meet the students and talk about what it is like to have a career as … Continue reading


The Lively and Colorful Art of Susan Greenstein

I have always loved drawing, painting and making things since I could wrap my hands around a crayon, but I think that my real “Aha” moment came when I was … Continue reading

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Fred Bendheim Sculpts a Painting

Growing up in Arizona, I was influenced by many types of art.   I drew inspiration from the art in our home, as well as Native American art, Art In … Continue reading


Intuition is My Ally: Spontaneity and Structure in the Work of Amy Weil

I was always drawing when I was younger, ever since I can remember.  I especially loved drawing horses as a child.   Now I am a painter, focusing on the medium … Continue reading


David Stock: Finding Drama, Humor, and Pathos in the Everyday World

My parents gave me a camera when I was 14, and I was immediately hooked. I loved the way the camera could select and isolate a particular moment and place. I got the feeling that this might allow me to express something personal.

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The Unforgettable Vicki Behm

A few weeks ago we celebrated the life of Vicki Behm, our beloved artist-colleague at the gallery, who passed away in February.

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Listen to “The Secret Life of Artists”

Nancy Lunsford speaks with Karen Gibbons about her show “Luminous Paradox” at 440 Gallery March 22 – April 22, 2018.     Artist Karen Gibbons


Live Big with Art

For those who decorate a tree for the holidays, one of the joys of the season is the once-a-year excitement of unpacking familiar ornaments. These family heirlooms are really small … Continue reading


Threaded Memories by Tricia Townes

My “Family Album Series” is about trying to capture that fleeting sense of familial connections through the time-bound things that many families collect to spur those memories– snapshots, old linens, and sometimes buttons and other sewing notions. 

April 15, 2018 · 2 Comments

Oct/Nov: What’s going on with 440 Gallery Artists, part II

More of what we’re working on and showing this fall. We are busy! ∧  Downtown Manhattan showcase for Gail Flanery, Karen Gibbons and Ellen Chuse Ongoing, take advantage of our … Continue reading

October 6, 2017

Oct/Nov: What’s going on with 440 Gallery Artists, part 1

The fall art-show scene is in full swing and here’s where we are at: ∧  440 pops up at BrooklynWorks at 159 We’re pleased to partner with this neighborhood co-working … Continue reading

October 5, 2017

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